Eugene373 and BarakinFlorida Dual Release for DROID

Eugene373 and BarakInFlorida have been as busy as bee’s releasing more new updates for the Motorola DROID.  Yesterday they released 2 ROM updates:

Nexus One port for the DRIOD

What you Need! you should wipe Data/Cache… That will Solve you Boot issue’s..
v10 or Newer Recovery by SirPsychoS

Bugs Found in Rom.

  • Put the Phone to Sleep, Open Keyboard & Lights Work…..
  • Livewallpaper.apk
  • Polar Clock will FC till you select Setting’s & Then Theme. The FC is due to no theme
  • Default Nexus ( Pulse.png ) Does not load at the Moment. Still looking over the .rs File

Thought’s on Rom

  • Fast till Live wallpaper’s are used, Not Horribly slow, but laggy :(

Stock Milestone for the DROID

This Needs to be Test out Fully…
The Problems of Mr.Miledroid should be fixed in this Version.
Thing’s Like BT problems with BT Stereo & Minor Sound Issue as well.

Multi-touch is still working & This Rom is Completely Un-themed.

  • Usb app added for USB-Mount
  • Dockrunner to run Dock
  • Misc Clean-up and Tweaks.

For more information and to download the latest release, head over to Eugene373’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.