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  • 25 November, 2009

eugene373 and goldenarmZ teaming up!

Over at XDA there is talk of android developers eugene373 and goldenarmZ teaming up and “combining” their current Eclair roms.

This is exciting news, because with both developers working together, we can hopefully expect to see a fully functional/fast Eclair rom.



Hey Golden, instead of have a Few Rom of Mine Floating around.


I was wondering if you wanted to work together on this, as I used you gapps ( Credit Given * & * your a2sd ).

Just wondering is all, and willing to help.

If so, Let me know and I’ll pull my Rom.




I was going to suggest the same thing when I saw your rom actually 


Dont pull yours just yet since it’s more feature-complete at the moment. I’m working purely on getting the sync working right now, but once I do we should pool resources and release a fully functional cross-device effort.


A fully functional Eclair rom is getting so close, you can almost taste it!