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  • 25 November, 2009

eugene373 Eclair Rom

eugene373 has released an Eclair build to the masses.

The reports on this rom have been pretty positive so far, and it looks promising. Oh and how could I forget this rom has working wifi and Bluetooth.

Eclair aosp build
Added in CM-42 Kernel
Edited the Ramdisk for Both Dream & MyTouch 3G Support. InIt. MyTouch 3G BT Would not work, and a few Misc Problems.
-goldenarmZ gapps used in Rom. Be Sure to thank him @ XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=588162

-a2sd ext 2 / 3 – a2sd Native in Ramdisk ( goldenarmZ a2sd Script used )
-Trackball Light Working
-sync is broke, be sure to turn off
-facebook app from sholes dump
-MySpace App from LG eve Dump
-Moto navigation
-Wifi working for Both G1 & MyTouch 3G
-BT Working For Both G1 & MyTouch 3G

-WiFi Tether added & Working
-Droid Boot Anim Added, But needs Resized.
-Huge Ringtones edits, LG / Droid / Donut / Milestone
-APN List
-Edited Screen Anim Merged with Eclair
-MoTo Weather Widget Added
-Moto Frameworks added
-CarDock Added & Working
-Support For system/init.rc & Data/init.rc Added in Ramdisk.
-init.sapphire.rc Added into Ramdisk
-Misc Clean up

-Defualt Setup wizard fixed
-System Links Fixed
-Busybox system links Fixed
-File Structure Change
-Cache is formatted at end of flashing rom

Find out more info over at this XDA thread