FCC approves the Verizon Nexus One (CDMA)?

verizon n1
When Google officially launched the Nexus One on T-Mobile’s network, they said that they will also bring the Nexus One to Verizon. I think Google is going to fulfill this promise soon. The FCC has approved a CDMA HTC handset. The model name is PB99300. As some of you already know, the model number of Nexus One that runs on T-Mobile frequencies is PB99100. We’re thinking the small difference in the model numbers could mean this new handset is the CDMA version of the Nexus One. It has not been confirmed when a Verizon-ready Nexus One will be available or if this information is completely accurate but we will keep you updated.

What do you guys think?

[via NexusOneBlog]