First carrier to announce the SE Xperia X10 is Indosat !

Indonesia's Indosat Launches Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, The First in The World!Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, known as the one of the most anticipated Android device of 2010 . First we heard that AT&T or Vodafone will be the first to announce this handset. But someone else has taken the lead.  The the first company to offer this phone is from Indonesia, Indosat, one of the largest mobile carriers.

Indosat will launch this mobile during the upcoming Android Expo on March 3 to 7. The price of the mobile is in millions. Indosat will retail Xperia X10 for IDR 6.5 million (pre-order period) and IDR 7 million (US$750). It will come with a leather case, screen protector, and a phone stand as a bonus. X10 will come with Google Mobile service and Indosat said that they will launch their own Indosat Application Store to accompany Android Market . But it’s not confirmed whether the the store is only for Android apps or for others too.

Xperia X10 is a monster smartphone.

[via Gholic]