Google and Integra “Nexus One” Trademark, Round Two

Last week, Google was denied the ability to use the name “Nexus One” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Integra Telecom, a small telecom company based out of Portland, Oregon, registered the name “Nexus One” two years ago and uses it for telecom services. Integra Telecom spokesperson John Nee said on March 19, 2010, “we appreciate that the PTO is protecting our trademark rights. Integra Telecom has over $60 million in annual revenue associated with our Nexus brand.

According to Nee, Integra is willing to negotiate and Google has not responded to Integra Telecom since the PTO denied their use of “Nexus One.” Google plans to fight PTO’s ruling. “We continue to claim rights to the Nexus One trademark in the United States, and plan to respond to the office action from the United States Patent Trademark Office,” a company spokesperson said.

Will Google pay the $$$ for the rights of “Nexus One?” Or will they write this off and officially change the name to their first Google Smart phone?