Google Joins The Fiber Optics Scene

Imagine sitting in a rural health clinic, streaming three-dimensional medical imaging over the web and discussing a unique condition with a specialist in New York. Or downloading a high-definition, full-length feature film in less than five minutes. Or collaborating with classmates around the world while watching live 3-D video of a university lecture. Universal, ultra high-speed Internet access will make all this and more possible. We’ve urged the FCC to look at new and creative ways to get there in its National Broadband Plan – and today we’re announcing an experiment of our own.

Google has decided to take over the world one step at a time, Skynet anyone? Okay, jokes aside Google is planning to test an experimental 1 Gigabit fiber optics network in a small number of various places all over the country. Their plan is to offer this service at a competitive price to current fiber optics companies out there currently, and plan to be able to support up to 500,000 customers (maybe more if the demand becomes even higher).

This type of internet speeds could change the way many people use the internet, and with more companies putting out fiber there’s more opportunities for everyone to have fiber in their home.

Today, Google has taken the first step in setting up this trial by putting out an RFI (request for information) to help choose what communities would be most interested in partaking in the trial. If you’re interested in seeing this in your community, check out this page, and it’s even better if you can get local government officials to join in and help your cause. You can check out the video below if you would like to learn more about Google’s fiber optics plans.

[via Google Blog]