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  • 7 November, 2009

Google Maps Removed from the Android Market


A few people have reported that they can longer find Google Maps in the Android Market!  This appears to be true!  Is this device related or has Google Maps been completely removed from the Android Market.

So does this also mean that we can longer get any updates for Google Maps?
Have they removed the current version because something else is coming to replace it?  (navigation for all……) 
What Android build are you running and if you search for Google Maps in the Android Market, can you find it?

Give us your feedback! or if you know the reason for the removal of Google Maps, please let us know so we can let everyone else know. 

UPDATE: So it appears that anyone with an Android 1.5 phone is able to see Google Maps on the Android Market and everybody else can’t.  Make sense of this if you will!