Google Nexus One: The Future of Multi-Touch Officially Defined

Since the release of the T-Mobile G1 the Android community has been waiting and waiting for the release of multi-touch on the Android devices. It now appears that the future of Multi-touch or pinch and zoom has been defined with the release of the latest OTA update for the Google Nexus One called ERE27.  You can read Google official release info on their blog.

The latest release from Google has completely enabled enabled multi-touch in Google Maps, the Media Gallery and most importantly, the Web Browser.

Take your thumb and forefinger and move towards or away from each other as it pinching or stretching the screen and the content on your screen does exactly the same.

Let hope that all future updates to Android will now include the Muti-Touch functionality and maybe even some updates for older devices.  Then we’d all be very happy.

As well as the Multi-touch functionality, Google has also released an updated Radio that was supposed to fix some of the 3G connection issues user have been experiencing. Unfortunately the radio has been causing additional issues for user who did not have any issues previously.

The other issue is that you can’t downgrade the radio to the previous version unless you have a rooted device. So for those users who applied the update, they’re stuck with it.

Enomther has already taken the OTA updates and applied to his latest Nexus One ROM titled TheOfficial Nexus1.  Version 1.5.1 has the multi-touch functionality and is built from the latest AOSP source.

This latest release from Google has caused more issues for developers as the updates are based on source code that hasn’t been released yet so updates from Enomther will be slow moving until the Google decides to drop the latest source code in the repository.

Hopefully we wil also see a new release from Cyanogen soon that also includes these latest updates.

UPDATE: It appears Cyanogen has release an ERE27 Add-On for his ROM.  I just didn’t see it.  The Add-on is listed in his opening post on XDA