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  • 12 December, 2009

Google Phone with Voice-to-Text features. Now that’s what I’m Talking About!



Information is flying all around the internet about the so called “Google Phone“.  The device is coming into reality as rumors are that Google employees have been given a test unit of the device to give the device some hammering before it get’s released.

The other rumor is that the device will be delivered in an unlocked form.  This is amazing news for the community and means that updates and different ROMs could be floating round almost immediately.

Google is going to brand their own phone and sell the device directly through retailers.  It’s supposed to ship in early 2010.  The phone is being built by HTC with a LOT of input from Google.

Specifications will include a Snapdragon processor, High resolution OLED touchscreen, Thinner than an iPhone and NO keyboard.  Another cool features is reported to be the inclusion of dual microphones, one on the back and one on the front to help with noise canceling, and voice-to-text features that will enable you dictate emails and notes by simply talking to your phone.

Let’s hope that all these features and specifications are correct as this will make for one hell of a device.

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