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  • 18 March, 2010

Google+Sony+Intel = Android TV

Android TV could possibly be here in the near future, thanks to Google, Intel and Sony. It appears that the three are in the early stages of designing set-top boxes and Internet-ready TV’s.   As we all know, Google does not comment on any type of rumors.  However, the claims are supported by a variety of positions recently opening at both Intel and Sony. Intel, for example, is looking for a Senior Application Engineer who can “extend Intel IA computing power and IA ecosystem from PC screen to mobile screen and TV screen.”  Furthermore, Logitech has reportedly been asked to create a keyboard and other accessories.

Hopefully, Google’s IO developer conference in May will hopefully shed more light on these developments. It is interesting to note that that Apple already has a set-top box product called “AppleTV” that never really took off.  Perhaps this is Google’s way of saying ” We will crush you.” Let’s just hope Apple doesn’t get their feelings hurt and pursue a lawsuit to try and save face.  In the meantime, we can all look forward to the next Android experience.

Source: Wall Street Journal