Got cord fatigue ? get a POWERMAT !

Wireless charging has always intrigued me and Powermat is one of the coolest charging solutions I have ever seen, except they didn’t officially support any Android phones (until today).

Up to this point, Powermat required a special battery cover that connected to their power pad in order to charge your devices. Starting today, Powermat will be supporting the Motorola Droid and HTC myTouch 3G with custom battery covers.

Powermat will also be producing their own line of batteries that will not require a special battery cover. These new batteries will actually charge through the casing (as long as it is not metal).

In order to give customers more choices, Powermat will also begin producing different size power pads that will support a number of devices. New charging stations will become available that charge 1 ($39), 2 ($59), or 3 ($79) devices.

In addition to hardware, Powermat is currently developing their own native Android application that will display charging information.

Look to spring 2010 for these new products to begin appearing.


Powermat website