Gowalla adds Skyhook Location to Android Application

Skyhook Wireless® today announced that Gowalla, a location-based social networking service, has added Skyhook’s Core Engine to it’s Android application for improved location results. Gowalla is a mobile social network that allows users to check in and share current location with friends to earn achievements.

The Gowalla app for the iPhone uses the built-in Skyhook location by default. When building out Gowalla for Android, the app’s developers noticed a distinct difference in location performance between the two platforms. “Up to this point we’ve tailored our core Gowalla experience to the iPhone. We know that there are plenty of users on other location-aware smartphones but the location system on Android leaves a lot to be desired,” said Josh Williams, CEO and co-founder of Gowalla. “Accurate user positioning is essential to Gowalla’s functionality. We chose to use Skyhook because we require the best possible location at all times.”

“Location-aware social networking apps cannot succeed without reliable positioning results,” said Kate Imbach, vice president of marketing at Skyhook Wireless. “Gowalla’s disappointment with Android location is a common frustration that can only be resolved by integrating Skyhook.”

Gowalla’s Skyhook-enabled Android app is currently in beta and will be widely released to the public in March. Skyhook Wireless offers a publicly available SDK for Android developers at their website. (Direct link to the page here)

[Sourced from Press Release at the Skyhook Wireless website]