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  • 4 March, 2010

Hands on with the tasty Motorola Devour

The guys over at AndroidCentral got their hands on the new Android from Motorola and here’s their initial thoughts:

The Motorola Devour (running Android 1.6 with Motoblur on Verizon) made its here this morning, and we’ve had a couple minutes to give it the what-for. Despite playing second fiddle to the Motorola Droid at least as far as specs are concerned — smaller screen, less powerful processor, etc. — it’s a very well-crafted smartphone.

The Devour has a Sidekick-esqe form factor. Instead of the keyboard sliding out, the screen slides up to expose four rows on which to type. Having letters on either side of the space bar is going to take some getting used to. And the base of the phone is carved out of a single piece of aluminum and (what isn’t these days?) feels very nice in the hand. The slider mechanism isn’t as stiff as on the Droid, which is a good thing.

If you want to see the unboxing and handling in action, as well as a comparison to the Droid,  they also have a video on YouTube .

Devour comes with all the standard Android goodies, plus Motoblur, 3.1″ HGVA display, 3mp, camera, Android webkit with Adobe flash lite, 3.5mm headset jack, 8GB micro-SD pre-installed (expandable to 32GB),  and Verizon Wireless V CAST services.

Motorola Devour is coming to Verizon this month,  for $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate. Buyers will also need to sign up for a Nationwide Talk plan and the $30 unlimited data package, part of Verizon’s new smartphone plan restrictions. If you want to avoid the rebate hassle, Best Buy will be offering the Devour for $99 without rebate.

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