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  • 3 November, 2009

Hero-Over Dream v1.1r2 and MT3G r2

Hero-Over has release an update to his Hero ROM bringing it to version Dream v1.1r2 and MT3G v2.

removed teeter
more optmizations( every apk is as fast as it could be) – i need new boot.img`s
even faster setup
(still no auto correct. waiting til auto correct is as usable as what i have) impossible?
overall speedier
removed heroled
removed better terminal(warez)

vMT3G.2(Holy Smokes)
reverted to drizzy-barak kernel
made small edits to boot.img for sapphire support (thanks for the tip twisted)
multitouch is back
rotate/wifi/incoming calls still work!!!!
105% speed of r3 (trust me its wicked)
bluetooth turns on (havent tested, waiting on earpiece to charge)

Head over to Hero_Over’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.