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  • 18 February, 2010

HTC Desire for €419 at Amazon.de

The HTC Desire, is a high end phone launched by HTC during Mobile World Congress 2010. The HTC Desire has appeared on Amazon.de for pre-sale at €419 ($572). So any of you in Europe, go and reserved one for yourself; that is if you want the phone. The price of Google Nexus One in USA is $529, so it’s almost same price. . For example, If the price of Desire is $572 in UK. But when the will land in US, I am sure that it will be 500+. But thanks to US carrier, you will be able to pick this phone for $179-199 with 2 year contract. Sweet, I think HTC Desire is the Nexus One for UK market.

What you guys think about it?

[via Engadget]