HTC Nexus One Google Phone – Last Thought of the Day

Photo source: Engadget

It amazes me how little Google is pushing the Nexus One.  Are they just building on the anticipation of all those drooling technophobes by saying nothing?  The reports have been flowing all over the Internet that this new device is  the next best thing since sliced bread (that’s the English coming out of me).  Many reports have said that it’s nothing special.  That it’s just another Android device with a faster processor and bigger screen.  Will this be enough to push the Nexus One to stardom or will it be a fail, just another android device with nothing more than animated wallpapers and scroll like app lists.  What is special about the Nexus One that will make it more than just another Android device?  They even left out Multi-Touch support on a device who’s operating system has the functionality at it’s core.

With all this said….I want one….as does every other androider out there.

So what do we know:

  • Google have prepared and tried out there Nexus One launch site a couple of times and some people have had sneak peeks heading to the site at just the right time.
  • Everybody in the Google community is talking, hunting and preparing for the launch day madness and hoping that they can get their hands into the pot and swoop up a Nexus One.
  • Some T-Mobile employees have reportedly confirmed that Nexus One is coming tomorrow and some have just plaid total ignorance.

Why is it such a secret?  Why hasn’t a giant the size of Google been spraying our TV screens with the Nexus One?  Why are the rumors saying that we can only get our hands on one with an invitation?  Surely something that has had this much build up and anticipation would have been created in such numbers to fulfill the expected launch day sales!  Only time will tell and the clock is ticking. 

If you want more device info you can always head over and read the Engadget hands on review of the unit.

What’s your take?  Are you waiting in line to get one?  Tell us what you think boys and girls!!!