HTC Sense UI Now With More Pinch-To-Zoom, Video Included

Majority of Android users favorite Android UI is Sense. Well HTCSoruce has stumbled upon a video of the Hero’s latest Sense UI update. It would seem HTC has taken a liking to Google’s homescreen window pane idea from the Nexus One and Android 2.1, and added it to their own UI. You use pinch-to-zoom on the homescreen, bringing up all seven screens at once, and from there you can choose which screen to jump to. This isn’t the most amazing thing in the world, but it shows the progress that Android is undergoing.

The video below is long, and if you don’t want to sit through music and an HTC boot screen for 6 minutes; I would recommend jumping to the 7 minute mark. As you watch you can see the smooth pinch-to-zoom action on the video takers phone, despite how many attempts it takes for him to get it to work.

HTC Hero Pinch-To-Zoom For now you have to deal with the link. Direct linking is being stupid…sorry.

[via HTCSource]