HTC shipping Nexus One CDMA version to Verizon Wireless!

The day is near when Verizon will officially launch the Google Nexus One. 20 days ago, the FCC approved the CDMA version of the Google Nexus One, and it was rumored that it is the Verizon-ready Nexus One.

According to Chinese-language Economic Daily News, HTC is shipping the CDMA version of the Nexus One to Verizon and it will be available this month or in April.  HTC will also ship the Nexus One to Vodafone UK soon.

Yesterday, on Vodafone’s website, you may have noted the addition of the Nexus One, Desire and Legend in the Coming Soon section. So maybe the Vodafone Nexus One will be available in April too.

The Verizon Nexus One will not be sold in stores, you will have to buy it directly from Google site just like with T-Mobile.

Source: Digitimes via Engadget