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  • 15 February, 2010

Huawei New Android Phones

Huawei, networking and telecommunications provider of china, has brought 4 new handsets to the android Family today. This is there first phones running the Android OS. They have unveiled the U8100/U811,U8300, and U8800 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The U8100/U8110 are entry level android phones targeted at adults and people who do not need there phone to do anything special.

courtesy of Huawei.com

-3.2mp Back Camera
-.3mp Front Camera (video conference)
-2.8in Touch Screen
-Wifi b/g
-NO 3G

The U8100/U8110 is expected to launch in Q2 2010 in Europe.

The U8300 is a mobile social computer for kids(and adults). It sports a Qwerty keyboard for the quick typing on Social websites. The keyboard is ” ergonomically designed” for comfort and hours of Facebook updates. It will be released in three colors Green, Yellow, and Purple.

Courtesy of Huawei.com

-320 x 240 pixel screen
-Full QWERTY keyboard
-Wifi b/g
-NO 3G

The U8300 is expected to launch Q2 2010

And the best for last.The U8800, is the advanced android phone for people who are wanting a little more out of there phone then just to make phone calls. It debuted as the first 3G HSPA+ android phone, with up to 14Mbps download speed. It will sport 2 cameras, a 5mp camera on the back of the phone accompanied by a LED flash, and a VGA camera for the possibility of video conference. And will be running Android 2.1

U8800 Courtesy of Huawei.com

-3.8in Touch Screen
-Wifi b/g
-5mp Back Camera
-VGA Front Camera
-LED Flash
-Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
– Android 2.1

The U8800 will ship with Android 2.1 with expected release in Q3 2010.