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  • 17 February, 2010

I Got More Bravo For You

Today I got the chance to meet up with two HTC reps that were in the Portland area.  With them they had a few new toys.  One of them was the HTC HD 2.  Which looks great, for a Winmo device with TouchFLO 3D.  It has a dualcore processor, so faster then even the Nexus.  They did inform me that they are working on releasing a similar device, running Sense UI sometime next fall.  Another toy they had, was the Bravo.

The Bravo they had was running Sense UI.  There have been a lot of speculation reguarding that if it is coming to T-Mobile, will it have Sense UI?  HTC told me that they have been pushing Sense UI on T-Mobile for a while.  When the Mytouch 3G was first released, they planned it on having Sense UI.  T-Mobile however, disagreed and wanted 1.5 put on it.  Shame.  I asked about the name issue with the Bravo.  One day it’s the Bravo, other the Desire.  They say the name will vary depending on the carrier.  It will be on T-Mobile U.K. as the Desire.  T-Mobile U.S. as the Bravo.  They are pushing T-Mobile with putting Sense UI on it.  T-Mobile already has stock Android on the G1 and Mytouch 3G.  MotoBLUR on the Cliq and Samsungs Cube Android on the Behold II.  With all this said, I see Sense in T-Mobile’s future.

Back the Bravo, the phone is a really incredible device.  It’s running 576MB of RAM while the Nexus One has only 512MB of RAM.  However, the Nexus to me seemed a little bit more smoother, due to the fact the Bravo is running Sense UI.  The phone was slim and felt great in the hand.  All in all, it’s a Nexus One but black and different button arrangements.  I was going to make a video of the device, but was not allowed.  I’m to get more information as soon as I can.  From what I saw today, I think Android users will be excited if and when this device hits the U.S.