Install an APK from your email with tAttachApkInstaller from taosoftware co.,ltd

Awe-some. Despite it’s awkward name, tAttachApkInstaller from taosoftware co.,ltd is quite useful. It allows you to install an APK file from an attachment in an email, from the Gmail app. It’s that simple. It doesn’t put an icon in your menu, and it’s only 35.54kb in size.

Without this app, when you have an APK as an attachment, you would have to go to your computer, download the attachment, and then put it on your phones SD card. Now, it’s as easy as this:


Once you have an email as an attachment, you tap the Preview button to fetch it.


You will now have two options to choose from.


If you select this option you will end up getting an error.


Selecting tAttachApkInstaller will then bring you to a  normal app install screen.


And there you have it. You are now App Aware.

It’s free and available now in the Android Market

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