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  • 8 October, 2009

jdubzisfaded Hero False Hope v1.2

A new Hero ROM has appeared on XDA from jdubzisfaded called:

Hero “False Hope” 10/8/09 1.2 “too fast, beware of speeding tickets!”

Hello all I know this is most unexpected from the likes of a junior member
but i have visited the forums avidly, learned, and most importantly developed.

This release is a Hero build consisting of:
-all fresh Hero/Drizzy apks and their dreaded .odex’s(will be removed in 1.1)
-BFS 300 modules in kernel along with the infamous 10 meg. ram hack
-Multitouch has been implemented
-clocks are set at 528mhz min and max
-Wifi is working perfectly
-hero leds fixed
-nothing removed aka full build
-need to put in apn settings til next release (Name: T-mobile US apn: epc.tmobile.com
-trout mappings in order to use g1 hardware keyboard
-apps2sd included!!
-HTC Sync
-Removed Footprints and widget
-Fully CRUSHED Rosie.apk!!!
-added superuser!!!
-reverted to linux swap due to compcache flooding

This ROM and developer are not yet setup in AndroidStory but you can head over to the XDA thread for more info and downloads. Any feedback about this ROM would be appreciated.