JIT compiler for Android “just-in-time” for Google I/O

Google, you overachiever, you.

Sorry, Myriad, it seems as though Google may be stealing your thunder. I know you really wanted to get that Dalvik Turbo out but it looks like Google may get their JIT compiler out first.

JIT stands for “just-in-time” compilation or “dynamic translation”. It compiles/translates bytecode into native machine code at runtime before native execution. This allows software to run faster and perform better.

The JIT compiler is in the Android repository and it’s working. It’s not fully stable but there are currently several custom ROMs that include it. With this new information though, we may be getting that much closer to a stable compiler for Android.

Google has assembled a team of engineers to work on a JIT compiler. The teams work will be outlined at the Google I/O in May. Ben Cheng and Bill Buzbee will go over their design for a Dalvik JIT compiler for Android embedded devices and address topics such as “architectural overview, the rationale for design decisions and the special support for JIT verification, testing and tuning.”

If you’re planning to attend the Google I/O in May, you can attend Session 301 and find out more. The site lists “attendee” requirements for this session – Advanced knowledge of Java and Android concepts. Find out more here.

By the way, if you’re going to the I/O, I’m jealous. 😉

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