JustAnotherCrowd xROM Eclair v1.0 Stable Released

JustAnotherCrowd has released an update to his xROM now at version 1.0 stable.


-G1/MT3G support
-2.01 AOSP Source with tons of enhanments by Cyanogen and JAC
-5 Screen Launcher.apk
-MT working in Browser.apk and Gallery.apk
-Swipe gestures in Gallery.apk
-Modded Settings.apk with Ext partition info
-A2SD support for ext2/3/4 partitions with noatime etc
-safe boot and shutdown eg. checks for fs corruption
-Cgroup tweaks
-Camera lib from (Ncommander)
-Modified APN list
-Reboot option from the power button
-Amazon MP3
-FLAC support
-VM tweaks
-Tether support for USB and WiFi
-TCP optimizations
-Tons of etra modules CIFS AUFS etc
-ZipAligned and Png opt
-RIL tweaks
-Commandline extras: powertop etc
-lock home app in memory control from spareparts.apk
-Compcache control from spareparts.apk
-WifiTether for Eclair included

- kernel compiled for Eclair
-Eclair 2.0 MT API
-Modified RAMdisk for Eclair with trigger support for init.rc etc
-Nexus sdcc driver
-ext2/3/4 FS support
-Squashfs 4.0 and AUFS support
-CPU scaling and freq tweaks
-Deadline I/O fifo=1
Compcache modules compiled with the latest source (01/14/2010)
-many more tweaks for speed and stability

Known Issues
YoutubeHD (working on this now)
Setup Wizard can be finicky

Head over to JustAnotherCrowd’s AndroidStory Devleoper Homepage for more information and downloads.