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  • 30 September, 2009

Kingklick Hero ROMs Updated

Kingklick has released a couple of updates to his Hero ROMs

A new version of his Hero ROM “Im Sailing Away” KiNgxKxROM_v1.1r1 and “KingKlick v1.1 With Red Rosie or Without”

Changelog for KiNgxKxROM_v1.1r1

What She`s Got:

Version 1.1r1 <9/28/09>

Same stuff as Version 1 Except:

– Fixed SU
– Couple other bug fixes

Version 1.1 <9/28/09>

Same stuff as Version 1 EXCEPT:


– Meltus`s Loud Volume Hack with clarity
– New Hero LED fix (thanks Jinx10000)
– LED notifications
– 99% Optimization (MAY be able to shrink PNG`s on a couple)
– Kept the stock HTC boot screens and sounds
– Using my “Red Rosie” (Will upload other stock rosie version upon request)

I don’t have a changelog for the KingKlick v1.1 but you can head over to KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and Downloads.