KingKlick KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero 2.1 v1.3 Released

KingKlick has been busy updating his Eclair based Hero ROM for the T-Mobile G1 / MyTouch3G to give you an alternative to the standard Eclair ROMs that are currently available. The latest releases fixes some of the WiFi issues and also offers video playback and MP4 support.


Version 1.3

– Slowly cleaning up the build
– Optimized build, only few more things remain!
– Fixed WiFi for 32b
– Fixed Auto Rotate for 32b
– Added HTC Calender widget
– Gapps fixed, BE SURE TO BE USING EXT4 < — IMPORTANT *thanks for the help fans*
– If contacts do not show, reboot phone and open market
– Using a new surprise wallpaper as default wallpaper
– Things I will add, getting faster though!

Version 1.2

– Based off of a completely new/different dump
– Now using King Kernel #5!
– Video Playback support!
– MP4 Support!
– Youtube low quality works!
– Using 10Mb RAM Hack
– Using BFS 313
– Not optimized yet, did not have time
– Added Latin_IME with voice to text (most likely broken)
– Added HTC Peep!
– Added HTC Albums!
– Added Compcache 0.5.4 support
– Added MANY more tools into /bin
– Added to enable compcache
– Added HTC Lockscreen
– Added Espresso Dialer
– MMS should work
– Using deadline as primary scheduler
– FIFO=1
– New base for the build, will be cleaned up heavily after this release
– Gapps broken atm
– Auto rotate for MT3G broken atm
– Give it plenty of time on first boot <— !IMPORTANT!

Head over to KingKlicks AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and the usual direct high speed downloads.