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  • 21 October, 2009

KingKlick KiNgxKxROM 2.0

KingKlick has release an update to his KiNgxKxROM bringing it to version2.0

Version 2.0 <10/20/2009> 1:50pm PST

This build is essentially the same as 1.9 but with a few things from “Drizzy’s Final 1.0” Is technically v1.1 and so on:

– Transparent Lockscreen is back
– A LOT more optimization
– Super Optmized Rosie
– “sdparted” in xbin thanks dusty/lycoln
– HTC FootPrints is back
– Widgets far more optimized
– New people widget!
– Added latest HeroLED (use app to set up first) *thanks fictionles*
Rosie does not FC when you open the keyboard!
– BB2.apk still included
– Fixed Quake 2 included now
– Tweaks for speed FAST FAST
– Transparent status
– Camcorder sound working
– Voice Recorder sound working
– Meltus audio hack for clarity *thanks Meltus*
– BFS 302 *Thanks CC & JAC*
– Other things I forgot that I’ll put up here

Head over to KingKlicks AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.