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  • 12 October, 2009

KingKlick KiNgxKxROM v1.7

KingKlick has release an update to his KiNgxKxROM bringing it to version 1.7

Version 1.7 <10/12/09> 12:30am PST

Same stuff as 1.6 Except:

– Added meltus hack with bass
– Tightened sound on voice/video recorder
– Added newest “HeroLED” app *thanks fictionless*
– Added Prioritizing script *run the “phone prioritizer” app* (speeds up HTC Music and incoming calls) *thanks miketaylor00*
– Made some tweaks for speed
– Made status bar transparent *thanks lycoln*
– Optimized more APK’s with MY secret method
– Optimized a couple widgets with MY secret method
– Using CC
– Added “switchrom”
– HTC Setup Wizard is now QUICK

Head over to KingKlicks AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.