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  • 2 December, 2009

KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero Version 0.2

KingKlick has just released version 0.2 of his KiNgxKxKlair series. This rom has tons of enhancements. Including working wifi and flash. Early reports of users on this rom are saying it’s “blazing fast.” Give it a flash and see for yourself. 


Version 0.2

– BIG speed increase from v0.1
– a2sd is working by default! Just setup second ext 1/2/3/ 4 not tested let me know !
– Swap enabled by default! Setup third linux-swap partition 96MB~
– User.conf correctly called on and enabled!!
– Comp Cache and modules included (Testers let me know if CC is working please)
– Fixed Wi-Fi !
– Fixed Flash !
– Mapped keyboard correctly for G1 users
– Busy Box added and functioning now
– Changed to CM kernel THANK YOU CYANOGEN
– Added more tools to bin to make our lives easier
– Running fix_permissions on first boot
– Added Calendar
– Added youtube *working*
– Added Music
– Added Calculator

Head over to KingKlick’s Development Page to download this release, and for more information.