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  • 9 December, 2009

KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero Version 0.6 “Beta Feta”

And yet another update from the King (we’re running out of smart things to say… ).

Version 0.6

– Re-built Build
– FULL sync working *thanks A TON Eugene373*
– Calendar Sync works now
– Not optimized yet, still faster due to this build being clean
– Using Rosie by Default now
– If you want to use the Eclair Launcher, execute my script “king.sh”
– Added more tools into bin
– Added my script king.sh *Removes Rosie and cleans things up*
– Added script klick.sh *Fixes permissions and cleans things up* Thanks Cyanogen!
– Added Myspace.apk
– Removed Plurk
– Added Facebook.apk
– Added a Media Gallery to view your photos *Great idea Eugene373, thank you*
– Added Dock
– Added Dock runner
– Added Car Home
– Added Camera, but still broken *wanted to keep homescreen clean looking*
– Added HTCSetupWizard *SKIP IT*
– Added Music Widget
– GPS Should work now, was missing some libs and another file
– Things I am forgetting, as usual, I will add as I remember


Head over to KingKlick’s Development Page to download this release, and for more information.