KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1 v1.7.1 Released

KingKlick has released a small update to his Android AOSP 2.1 ROM taking it to version 1.7.1


Version 1.7.1

– No wipe update (Version 1.7 is the base version)
– Removed 10Mb RAM Hack
– Still using kernel #6, but with no RAM hack
– Added 3D Gallery (still have regular gallery as well)
– On 3D gallery, you can play with the display grid of your photos as expected
– Added some support for 3D! *thanks _Case for some of your ideas*
– Let me know which 3D games work/don`t work

Head over to KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and Downloads.