KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1 v1.7 Released

KingKlick has released an update to his Android AOSP 2.1 ROM taking it to version 1.7.


Version 1.7

– Fastest build yet!
– All system apps on /system now!
– Squeezed out more optimization!
– A2sd still enabled for downloaded apps and applications on /data/app
– Now using King Kernel #6!
– Now using BFS 315
– Changed default wallpaper
– Fixed location for apps that were not functioning with it
– Added working HTC_IME!
– RAM hack still in there
– Video Drivers coming soon, I promise
– Things I will add I forgot for sure!

Head over to KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and Downloads.