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  • 11 November, 2009

KiNgxKxlick `Clair 2.0 Sholes Port v0.1 (Android 2.0)

KingKlick has release his first Motorola Scholes Android 2.0 (Eclair) ROM currently a version 0.1

Starting off at v0.1, very beta still
Version 0.1
– Eclair Based ROM with background of barak`s release and some of the newer droid
– A2SD included and working automatically
– Got Swap Working! Create third linux-swap partition *thanks for the help miketaylor00*
– GPS Working
– No sound yet
– No wifi yet
– No BT yet
– Rooted With SU
– Global Search Works!
– Phone calls work as they should, just no speakerphone
– Optimized about 25-30% with my method 
– GTalk seems to FC
– Optimized Virtual Keyboard (disable auto-correct, makes it FC)
– Added Meebo (IM Client, has GTalk, USE IT)
– Terminal not included, download from Market
– Latest 1.6 Market
– Latest Youtube
– Added Facebook app from Droid
– Added Astro
– Added Twidroid
– Added More Locale
– Added SwitchROM

– I`ll Add things as I remember

Head over to KingKlicks AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads