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  • 6 October, 2009

KiNgxKxROM v1.3 Released

KingKlick has release an update to his KiNgxKxROM bringing it to version 1.3.  The changelog on his thread shows version 1.4 but only 1.3 is available for download.  Not sure what the real latest is.  You’ll have to ask him.

Version 1.4

Same stuff as 1.3 Except:

– Auto correct put back into HTC_IME
– Updated Comp Cache
– Now using Comp Cache with backing swap by default!
– Few other tweaks I forget all meant for SPEED

Version 1.3

Same stuff as Version 1.2 Except:

– Prepare to be STUNNED
– Added Final HeroLED *thanks again jinx10000*
– Fixed camcorder sound
– Fixed voice recorder sound
– Changed Meltus`s Audio Hack
– Implemented newest BFS 302 *Thanks a ton CC*
– Fixed Multi-Touch *no patch needed*
– More optimization on more than a handful of apk`s
– Fixed ALL wi-fi issues
– All HTC Scenes
– Added extra RAM hack *EXPERIMENTAL* but makes it FAST FAST FAST

Head over to KingKlicks AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.