Leaked Dell Mini 5 Flyer: Boasts New Features and New Name

As the Dell Mini 5 release draws ever closer, more and more details emerge about this product. This ad here proves most of the specifications we’ve seen such as the 5 inch screen with a resolution of 800×480, 30 pin docking connector, capacitive touch buttons at the front, a 5 mega-pixel with auto focus and flash, and a front camera for video chatting. Well this ad boasts that the Dell Mini will be released in various colors, along with consumer choices for a personal color scheme or design. That possibly means you can upload a picture and have it printed on your Dell Mini 5, or allows your friends to buy one for you on your birthday with an embarrassing picture of you, passed out on the floor after a party.

This second image, confirms a final name for the Dell Mini called Streak. Not to mention Dell has partnered with Amazon, allowing a nice Kindle application giving you access to the latest books from Amazon, Amazon MP3 which is currently included in Android products, and other Amazon products that involve digital property. Now all we need is a final price, and release date on this beauty.

[via Engadget]