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  • 22 February, 2010

LG LU2300 Android Phone, Will Feature Augmented Reality Services?

Telecoms Korea has reported that LG plans to ship its new LU2300 with augmented reality services built-in. LG is entering late in the Android game. Hopefully they can bring something special to the table like another newcomer has, Motorola. I would like to see the rumored LG Duo with decent screen sizes.

The augmented reality services will not be similar to a few apps you’re already familiar with- like Google Goggles and Layar. Goggles allows you to take snapshots of objects, logos, and bar codes for more information and price comparisons, Layar allows you to see additional information about a place through your camera’s “viewfinder”. For now this is just a rumor but it would be interesting to see these things implemented in a different way.

Source: AndroidCommunity