Manup456’s Eclair (2.1) updated to v1.5

Manup456 has updated his Eclair ROM to version v1.5 for the T-Mobile G1 / MyTouch3G.  The new Release has also updated the base code to Android 2.1 and has a working Camera.

Eclair_2.1-v1.5Camera working-Thank You NCommander since he posted the source I hear
Cleaned up a few things….

Custom Kernal BFS 313 (By Jac)
ext2/3/4 squashfs AUFS FS support
TCP optimizations TCPv6 included
all debugging off
multiple security patches
deadline io w/ fifo_batch=1
iptables WiFi tether support
usb tether patch
Tons of moduled support CIFS etc
app_s and app folder working out of data folder
GlobalSearch fixed keywords working
compcache fully working
new notification pull down bar
build.prop trout and sapphire edits
MotoAccuWeather and PinyinIME

Head over to Manups456’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.