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  • 14 October, 2009

Maxisma Hero v1.8

Maxisma has released an update his Hero ROM taking it to version 1.8

Changelog 1.7.1 to 1.8
-Changed kernel to an old JAC-Ski-kernel w/o BFS & w/o ramhack, but faster!
Next release will probably have a new kernel by ski w/o ramhackbut w/ BFS so, Rosie will be a little more “laggy”, but multitasking will become more fast!

-Set CPU to 384/528 instead of 245/528
-Changed CC to CC+Backingswap, soo, please put a swap partition (I recommend 64 MB) as your 3rd partition on your SD!
-Removed HeroLED.apk, LED is natively supported now, even for G1!!
-Reverted audio mod
-Readded notifications
-Readded neat black dialer skin

-I recommend you to download “Missed Call” from the market for SMS&Missed call LEDs – Hero uses the 2nd LED for it which just doesn’t exist on G1/Magic and yeah –

Next release after that will be 2.0 and will be based on the sapphire sense dump, no more releases until I get this dump!

Head over to Maxisma’s AndroiSPIN Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.