@htcclay is the original builder of SuperD (well the base ROM anyway) and is still close with his cohort @benbuchacher (pronounced boo-cocker 😛 sorry Ben) who built the new kernel we see in SuperD as well as what Clay is using for his FastTest ROMs.

I have to say this is my favorite ROM to date, I have been up and running on it for 2 days now, and am comfortable in it and plan to stay here until he comes out with something newer. It is just as fast as SuperD 1.8 and is mostly aesthetic changes to the UI. He has changed the market app icon to be black, removed the launcher button entirely, black status bar and loaded it up with really pretty wallpapers.

This thing runs like its on crack and have yet to see any issues (less than SuperD 1.8 even) I highly recommend that anyone looking for an alternative to SuperD just for some fun, try this ROM out. This is an incredibly solid ROM and it fly’s off the handle.

I have included some screen shots demonstrating the lack of the launcher button (its still accessible of course just makes it that much more cleaner)

You can download the this reviewed version of the ROM from AndroidStory here.
The latest version is which can also be downloaded here

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