MoDaCo Desire Custom ROM for Nexus One Alpha 12

MoDaCo has released another version of the Desire Custom ROM for the HTC/Google Nexus One.  Alpha 12 is the latest release and I have to say it’s running very very nice.  One majot issue I’m seeing right now is the battery life drains very quickly.  There are a coupe of small issues, like the Flash sometimes goes off out of sync with the camera but nothing major.

I’m running as my daily ROM right now to give it a good test.


Alpha 12

  • Now includes Teknologist`s TCK 0.7. This is based on the official .33 repositories, with only minor tweaks. The ROM is undervolted only for frequencies < 256MHz
  • Updated HTC_IME to jonasl`s v13, based on my Desire leak
  • RIL updates (more connection quality and stability in my experience) – ERE36B radio recommended
  • Live Wallpapers ordering fix (sorry, wipe required)
  • Optional Nexus One boot animation
  • Desk Clock (Dock) music app fix (now uses HTC Music app)
  • Head over to MoDaCo’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.