Modaco Desire ROM with SENSE UI for Nexus One

Modaco has released ( and is continually releasing ) a new ROM for the Google Nexus One converted from the new HTC Desire with the Sense UI.  The ROM is still in alpha testing but updates are coming fast and furious.  As of writing this post, the latest release was Alpha 6 but I expect to change very quickly.

Because this release is being changed so frequently, I’m not going to mirror the latest release on AndroidStory until it settles down a bit.

Known Issues (all being investigated)

Ringtone list not appearing
Reported random reboots
Bluetooth search discovers no devices


Alpha 6
Changes to try and resolve random reboots

Alpha 5
Fixed white screen on boot, wifi and update-script issues
Fixed graphical glitching

Alpha 1-4

If you give this ROM a try, let us know how it goes.

Source: Modaco