Motorola Devour coming to BestBuy Mobile on Feb 25th for $99 Devour, the new smartphone from Motorola will launch soon in US via Verizon. First the price tag of the mobile was $99, then it change to $149. And now it has changed again to $99. Best Buy officially announce this on their Facebook page. Best buy will start selling this phone from February 25th.

The Devour comes with MOTOBLUR and Pricing requires 2 year activation. Verizon is selling the Devour at its own $149.99 pricing after a $100 rebate.

Other good news is that Droid and Droid Eris now comes with new plans and prices on Best Buy mobile. The Droid is going for $99 with 2 years agreement and Droid Eris is going for Free on BestBuy Mobile.

One thing is confusing me that Droid is a high end phone. But Devour is a mid-end phone and the price of the both are same.

What do you guys think?

Source: BestBuy Facebook