Motorola Droid to get OTA update to Android 2.1 in the next few days

Motorola Droid

During the Nexus One Launch there was not only talk about the new Google Smartphone but also about Android and updates for existing phones. The Motorola Droid would be the first device to receive the Android 2.1 in the next few days (apparently confirmed by Verizon Wireless).

It is not clear yet when and if there will be updates to Android 2.x for other existing phones. There are a lot of rumors going around that some Telco’s committed  to this upgrade but I have not seen official confirmation about this (Rogers for instance said that the upgrade would come for the HTC Magic (32A) but not for the G1 Dream, citing hardware incompatibility problems).

Those of you with rooted devices should not worry about this though, Cyanogen already committed to continued development for the Dream/Magic even though he was one of the first to order a Nexus One as soon as the page was up 🙂

Maybe it’s time to give Cyanogen a(nother) donation to keep him focused J