Motorola Prototype – Hands on

We just got our a hands on a Motorola “Calgary” for a few moments.  It is supposed to be launched to Verizon within the next 2 months, per our source with Motorola Blur as the OS. It has a lot of features like the Sidekick slide in design. It feels very solid and is all metal. We are unsure if the device will launch being metal as this is a prototype.  Also from our source we have been told Motorola has some tricks up it sleeves. They are soon to be launching devices with infrared that will allow you to control all of your in home electronics  (i.e DVD Player, TV, Blu-Ray Player, and etc.).  We have also been told they have many more tricks up their sleeves, including new devices that are “nothing like we’ve ever seen”. I hope you enjoy the images below, and tell us what you think. Stay tuned for more information on this device and many others.

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