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  • 28 January, 2010

Motorola to sell phone directly through Google

Over at Google’s phone store, the options are kinda sparse. You can have a Nexus unlocked or a Nexus via T-Mobile. Motorola won’t be letting things stay that way for too much longer. They plan to release a number of new Android phones this year and at least one will be sold directly via Google.

Motorola’s first Android device, the Cliq, came out last year running the company’s own take on Android which they named MotoBlur. They since released the Droid, running stock Android 2.0.1, which both Google and Motorola hoped would be seen as a landmark phone. Today’s earnings reports showed the Motorola’s mobile phone group were still loosing money but they seem to at least be trending in the right direction after the move to Android.

Motorola has said that most of the smart phones they will launch this year will feature an improved version of Blur. The upcoming Backflip will be the next of these Motoblur devices. Also, Motorola will continue to produce low end phones for some markets.

It remains to be seen, but it seems likely that for the time being phones sold through the Google phone store will be Google Experience. That means that it’s likely that at least one more Moto manufactured Android device is coming without Blur. Google has said that later this year they will bring a Nexus to the Verizon Network and they plan to eventually have device options for all the major US carriers.