Move over MAXiPad, here’s a Chrome tablet demo


Now, I know that Chrome OS is not Android… But! It is Android’s bigger brother and could quite possibly be the preferred operating system for tablets that Google offers (being that they said during the Nexus One release event that only phones with Android will be dubbed Android).

But either way, a conceptual demo for Chromium OS, the development name for the OS version of Chrome, still under major development, has surfaced.

Information was very quietly released on Google’s Chromium Dev site on the Monday before the iPad event. Pictures of different screens, as well as the video below, are available for your viewing pleasure. And, for the video, it’s even available as a downloadable .mp4. Also be sure to check this page out to get a better explanation of different form factors under consideration by the Chromium team.

chrome-tablet-form-factorIn my most honest opinion, the interface is odd, but still usable. After using the device, however, I see myself wishing my laptop and desktops, even my MacBook Pro could work this way. Rather not entirely revolutionary (certain window managers for Linux works similiar this way with a click on desktop), it is still a better option that a closed platform that, essentially, is an oversized phone. Also to note, apparantly Google is aware of everyone’s grumplings of the iPad, and are preferring multiple processes.

Android OS would be an excellent option on smaller tablet form factors, like the Dell Mini 5 or even the larger Archos 7. But a larger sized device in the 10″ + range truly is better served by an entirely different OS. So far, Chrome OS is looking to be just that.