Mplayit Android Application Directory on Facebook find’s it fast

Mplayit is a Facebook application directory that supports the Android platform.  Head over to the site, search for you favorite application and share it with your friends.

Also supported on Mplayit is the Blackberry, iPhone and other Mobile platforms.  They are all thrown together at in a really easy to use interface.  It has featured application and all sorts of stats on who is doing what with which application.  You can also easily see which applications are most popular and much much more.

According to a post on Techcrunch, Mplayit has relased stats showing that the Android platform is lagging behind the iPhone in gaming popularity.


According to mPlayit, 83 percent of Android app activity on the directory/store is related to non-game related mobile apps, and 17 percent of activity is towards downloading and checking out games. On the other hand, 36 percent of iPhone app activity is related to non-game related mobile apps, with 64 percent of activity towards gaming on the device.

We all know that the initial round of Android devices didn’t have the horsepower to give a good gaming experience, but with the release of the DROID and Nexus One, that has changed.

I look forward to some real gaming enhancements soon.  How about you?

Source: TechCrunch, Mplayit