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  • 30 November, 2009

MYHEROrevolution from tmack23 and adewey234

Another team of rom devs has surfaced to bring you MYHEROrevolution. This rom is a mix of adewey234’s Hero Revolution and tmack23’s MYHERO.

Me and adewey234 got together and merged our roms and made one BADASS ROM. First of all id like to thank adewey234 for all the help and hard work! Also everybody on xda supporting me thanks a bunch everybody. Lets get to it

MYHEROrevolution: merge between myhero and senserevolution (adewey234)
Very smooth and stable ROM
wifi works, BT hangs something went wrong in signing
LED’s work
Same optimization from myhero
htc not centered
a2sd is slow at first but goes
switched to haykuros kernel

Head on over to the XDA thread for more information and the latest download.