MyTouch3G OTA Updated Being Pushed

News is spreading of a MyTouch OTA update being pushed to your devices.  Nothing too much to get excited about, according to the peeps over on AndroidGuys. The update is purely a fix for a missed call notification bug on your phones.  I never knew there was an issue but apparently you do not receive correct missed call notifications on theMyTouch3G.

They also noticed some other strange occurrences once the update had been applied including; applications disappearing from the market.

Someone also posted a comment stating that they had received updates on the G1 as well, but I cant confirm this.


Well, I did notice that my own apps are gone from the Android Market.  My own, as in, I developed them.  I also noticed the absence of some other titles, notably “Linked” (former “Linkedin”) app. I just verified with a buddy who has a G1 and he sees my apps just fine so it’s definitely my phone that has this problem.

If you’ve received the update or have any more information for us, leave us a comment!

Source: AndroidGuys